The idea behind designspray!

There are numerous designers and creative individuals with excellent ideas and products ready for mass production. These products are often sold and marketed on their own websites. We, two product designers who also operate our own internet shop (, have experienced how difficult and costly it can be to be found on the internet with one’s website in order to market one’s products. That encouraged us to design this forum.

On designspray now all designers, artists and creative people, who have something to sell, can register for free and sell their products via the shop. It is also possible to find a manufacturer for thought-through ideas.

The designer benefits from the synergy effect created, the joint marketing activities and PR. And he saves on the equipment and costs for his own shop.

The customer purchases directly through the designer and gets to know the creative individual behind the relevant product. Thanks to the joint forum there is a huge selection of wonderful and individual products.

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